RareWorld Image is a Personal Image Consultancy and a division of RareWorld Co Ltd Group. We are London based but also cover Home Counties. Our services help you improve your personal presentation by choosing the right outfits that make you feel comfortable and complement your personality, body shape and skin tone.

" We are an Image Consultancy with a difference because we focus on positive feeling and growing confidence from within "

Our team goal is for all our consultants to provide an honest, encouraging service by working on a one–to–one basis with every client. We endeavour to help our clients achieve their dreams of improving their image. RareWorld Image will help you turn this dream into reality.

" We all have dreams but sometimes need extra help to get to the end of the rainbow "

Our client’s usually require our services to boost their confidence or help to dress smarter for the office. From as little of £60 per hour, RareWorld Image provides two services; Wardrobe Planning and Personal Shopping.

When you make a booking, you will be assigned to a consultant who will be there for you every step of the way. You will learn how to improve your personal style which will be your own unique profile. You will be amazed by how much better you will feel once your personal style has been transformed to another level. The next time you look in the mirror your refection will be “a more positive you”.

Boost Your Confidence – We can Help

From time to time we all experience a feeling of low self esteem and a lack of confidence when life becomes stressful and somewhat overwhelming. During these difficult and dull periods we often let our appearance and personal grooming go down hill.

Make a booking today  and let RareWorld Image help you motivate your positive image and create a great first impression. How we look on the outside can very much reflect how we are feeling on the inside.

" Remember Your Appearance Speaks Before You "

Our consultants will work with you to help bring out your confidence and revamp your image back to looking positive. We can guarantee that when you start to improve your image on the outside, you will automatically start to feel positive on the inside. Our consultants can help you get back on the right track to overcome such challenges.

Dress Smarter For the Office – We can Help

We are aware that the UK is facing the likelihood of a recession in 2009. Have you had the thought about whether your employers will be next to announce job cuts? With these thoughts looming at the back of your mind you need to be proactive about your image and appearance.

In this current economic climate, women in the UK are being proactive by dressing smarter for the office. There is a great need to impress the boss with the right image and become more visible to enhance your career development.

The formal shirt retailer TM Lewin sold 1.8 million women shirts in 2008 and had an impressive increase in sales. In a recent interview with The Times, TM Lewin Chief Executive, Geoff Quinn stated that:

" People are smarting up "
Source: times online article, July 2008

Make a booking today and RareWorld Image can personalise your booking specifically for dressing smarter for the office.